Sudarshan Saur is India’s most popular and highest selling brand, manufacturing solar water heaters and other solar equipments since 1989.

Our solar equipments are best suitable for you because:

  • They are manufactured with the world-class technology and manufacturing processes.
  • We stand out in today’s competitive environment because of our best technology and manufacturing excellence.
  • We have set-up customer care units to provide life-time service to our customers, across India.
  • We have millions of happy customers across India.

What is solar pump? How does it work?

‘Sudarshan’ solar pump Highly Durable Boon to Farmers; Extremely Reliable

Pump operating on solar energy is called the solar pump. It consists of photovoltaic (cells) panel, which converts solar energy in to the electricity with the help of controller and facilitates functioning of the pump. We can draw out water from the well, bore well, farmpool or canal with the help of this pump.

Benets of solar pump

  • No hassles from load shedding / Electricity not required.
  • No expenses on electricity because it operates on the solar energy which is abundantly available.
  • Highly durable and long life performance : only one time investment required.
  • Highly reliable and robust system
  • User friendly and easy to maintain.
  • Can be operated on solar energy or on electricity.
  • No need to work whole night to water the crops as this is totally free from load shedding.
  • Environment friendly and contributes to national growth due to energy generation.

Why go for Sudarshan Saur?

Solar water pump applications

For agricultural use
For sprinkler irrigation project
For water tank filling
For housing society water tank filling
For drinking water supply
Sun Simulator
EL Tester Analyser
Field Tester Analyser

Sudarshan solar water pumps are manufactured as per globally accepted norms and are tried and tested at our works.